By 11 November 2020November 16th, 2020Printotype



Thanks to Printotype scara arm technology, it is the 3D printer with the most printing area according to the size ratio. Since it does not use cartesian printing system, it has to cover less distance when moving, and thus its engines make much less noise.

Our speed is already one of the highest speeds on the market, but since our infrastructure is already ready for much higher speeds, if we produce a new nozzle in the near future, you can use it or install another nozzle you want. Cartesian printers are already running at their maximum speed, but the printotypes travel speed is 1000mm / s. Since a quarter of time being spent for a print is used while travelling, in total this gives you a serious speed. Also, for this reason, as the volume of the print increases, the speed of the print increases exponentially.

While printotype is at least as good as the other printers in Cartesian movements, it moves much more fluently in circular movements. Therefore it has a speed and quality that other printers can never reach.

With our layer thickness of up to 20 microns and 10 micron step movements on the X and Y axis, Printotype will never let you down when you want precision.

Many plugins and modules developed by Meta Industry will be released soon. Our customers, who already have Printotype, will be able to undertake many different functions by converting the 3D printers they bought into a CNC / automation robot, since Printotype is also an automation robot.

Printotype offers you a fully automated experience thanks to many features such as filament control, automatic table setting, heated table, camera, 7” color touch screen, remote Wi-Fi access and more.