We Bring Your Dreams

Together With Reality

Printotype printers, which have brought a new dimension to 3D printer technologies, are produced with the assurance of Meta Industry and used all over the world.

For Performance Seekers

Master of Speed ​​and Capability SARM V1

Get ready to enchance your production with Printotype, which has the feature of being the 3D printer with the most printing area according to the size ratio thanks to its layer thickness that can be down to 20 microns and Scara arm technology.

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Exceed the Limits

Outstanding Technology Architect SARM V1+

Don’t get behind the time with Printotype products equipped with many technologies such as filament control, automatic table adjustment, heated table, camera, 7″ colored touchscreen and remote Wi-Fi access.

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Price Performance Star

Sarm V0 For Those Seeking Efficiency

With its scara arm technology and 30 DB silent operation capability, Printotype Sarm V0 is the unique option of price performance duo among 3D printer products.

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Discover the World of Printotype

Durability, Speed ​​and Quality Will Be the True Spirit of Your Production

Remote Access

Printotype 3D printers can be monitored and controlled by the remote access feature.

Print Area

Printotype provides production flexibility with its working area up to 300mm X 300mm X 300mm.


With its 350mm / s speed, Printotype provides an incredible ease of production, efficient and reliable use.


Printotype provides easy, durable, long-term and quality use with its modular structure and digital display.

Get Ready to Catch the Age in Production!

Fast, Durable and Quiet.

Digital Panel

You can get instant information about your production and follow your work closely.

Durable And Modular Structure

The durability of Printotype products extends from the outer panel to the strategic parts.

Quick and Skillful Arms

Printotype is designed to amaze manufacturers with its speed and capabilities.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Measures

Printotype is equipped with the ability to produce large and medium sized products with its wide working tray.

We Bring Your Dreams Together with Reality

Are You Ready to Access Outstanding Software Possibilities?

You can download Printotype Software now and get acquainted with its unique features.